• What to do if the labeling position of the labeling machine is unstable?
    A:① The belt pressing device may not be tightly pressed, which may cause the tape to become loose, and the electric eye detection shall be prohibited. Compact the label.
    ② It may be possible that the traction tissue slips or is not compacted, and the bottom paper cannot be taken away smoothly. Tighten the traction tissue to handle it. If it is too tight, the label will be distorted. It is better to pull the bottom paper normally. (Generally, if the backing paper is wrinkled, it should be pressed too tightly)
    ③ The shapes of the adhered objects may be different. Manipulate product quality.
    ④ Placed objects should be placed parallel to the direction of labeling (note whether the product moves during the labeling process, and the left support bar can be improved a little more than the right)
    ⑤ At the labeling station, the object to be pasted should roll smoothly (be careful not to touch the label stripping board). When the object is too light, put down the standard covering rod and press the object to be pasted
    ⑥ In the case of double labeling, the labeling machine issues a single label (1) After the single label is issued, the workpiece always rolls because the delay of the second label is not set, and the machine is waiting for the second labeling signal situation. (2) After a single label is issued, the workpiece is aborted. It is because there is signal disturbance (resetting the electric eye) of the measuring electric eye. It may be an abnormal delay control (click the jog 2 twice, and then click the jog 1 twice.
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