• What if the label is not attached properly?
    A:Machine vision can be used to detect the effect of labeling and to remove unlabeled products. If the product is inconvenient to be removed, you can choose to stop the alarm when you find that the product is not labeled.
  • If ordering a new machine, what parameters must be known in order to quote and determine the model?
    A:When ordering a new machine, you need to know the following parameters to quote and determine the model:
    ① Shape and size of the object to be pasted
    ②Labeling position
    ③Labeling speed
    ④Labeling accuracy
    ⑤ Process before and after material labeling
  • Who should I call if the machine is malfunctioning? How to deal with it?
    A:During normal working hours, please contact the customer service engineer of our local branch, or you can directly call the after-sales service phone of Guangzhou headquarters (020-82001745-876). For customers 'inquiries and complaints, we can generally accept responses on the same day; for customers' service requirements that affect production and need to replace spare parts, we will send the parts to the customer or dispatch an engineer to rush to the customer within 24 hours.
    Outside working hours, please contact us after-sales service manager Mr. Dong: 13600070191
  • Why does the ordering labeling machine require the customer to provide a label winding diagram?
    A:Because the placement direction of the object, the direction of the labeling machine and the winding direction of the label are interrelated, once the two directions are determined, the other direction cannot be changed. And judging whether the three directions are suitable requires certain expertise. Therefore, the customer is required to provide a label winding diagram to ensure that the three directions are adapted. When not suitable, we can inform the customer in advance to order the correct label, or change the direction of the labeling machine in time when designing and producing. In this way, the actual labeling direction and the actual object label will not be wrong.
  • How many wearing parts does a universal labeling machine have? What is the average life span? How difficult is the replacement?
    A:The wearing parts are generally: torsion springs on the swing lever of the labeling head, and friction plates on the bottom paper shaft.
    The average life of the torsion spring and friction plate is one year.
    The replacement is not difficult, and both types of wearing parts can be replaced within three minutes.
  • Which well-known users use our company's labeling machine?
    A:Our labeling machines are currently widely used in different industries, and some well-known companies are using our labeling machines. Such as:
    ① Daily chemical industry: Procter & Gamble, Avon, Amway, Colgate, Blue Moon,
    ② Food industry: Lee Kum Kee, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Shi En, Danone Yili, Shengyuan, Mead Johnson, Cadbury, Hopson, Shandong Xiangchi, Watsons, Yang Xiecheng, Yuanda Cereals and Oils, COFCO, Dinghushanquan, Ausnutria Milk Powder, Wow Haha, CR Snow
    ③Pharmaceutical industry: Melia, Beijing Hanmei, Jilin Aodong, Hong Kong Happiness Pharmaceutical, Jilin Amendment, Beijing Tongrentang, Guangzhou Zhongyi, Hualan Biological, Chen Liji, Henan Tailong, Dalian Pfizer, Guangzhou Huacheng, Zhengzhou Antu , Hangzhou Minsheng, Guizhou Miracle, Harbin Medicine Factory, Guizhou Jianxing, Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lanzhou Biological, Shanxi Zhendong, Shenzhen Kangtai, Shanxi Taihang, Heze Step, Xi'an High-tech, Jiangxi Jimin, Yangtze River, Beijing Fourth Ring Road, Jiangsu Hengrui, Northwest Douxing, Beijing Yimin, Beijing Kexing, Beijing Fourth Ring Road, Tonghua Dongbao, Jiangsu Eisai, Hangzhou Sanofi, Harbin Loctite, Beijing Huasu, Beijing Baitai,
    ④ Business card industry: Eastcom Peace, Chu Tianlong, Beijing Sanyoujia, Shanghai Convex, Shanghai Security Printing, Beijing Gage, Hunan Telecom, Global Communications, Fuzhou Zhaoke, Seiko, Smart Zhuhai, Jiede, Baodian , Shanghai Zhongka, Suzhou Dilong
    ⑤Other industries: Xi'an Global Printing, Huatai Battery, Tianjin Lishen, NGK Ceramics, Guangzhou Honda, Yuchai, GM, Lanzhou Petrochemical, AkzoNobel, Foxconn, Jabil
  • What about Santo's services?
    A:Based on the service philosophy of "Keep improving, customer first", our company has branches and liaison offices in major cities across the country, responsible for sales and customer service work in areas under its jurisdiction, such as machine installation, maintenance, maintenance, customer training, etc. In addition, there is a customer service department in Guangzhou headquarters with multiple engineers who are ready to support branch offices in need of after-sales service. Toll-free number (400-881-4006) can help customers solve production problems in the first time.
  • Who do I look for if I order accessories? How to deal with it?
    A:A: Please call the spare parts order directly at 020-82001745-861. Our company's Guangzhou headquarters has common spare parts and consumables in stock and can be provided to customers soon.
  • Why do wrinkles occur after labeling?
    A:the reason
    1. The label feed speed is too fast
    2. Pre-bid
    3. Pre-bid is too long
    4. The labeling speed is not fast enough

    1. Decrease the output speed
    2. Move the object's electric eye backwards or increase the delay
    3. Decrease the length of the pre-mark out
    4. Increase the label speed
  • What causes it to fail to be labeled?
    A:the reason
    Bid out speed is too slow
    2. The bidding speed is too fast
    3. Pre-bid is not long enough
    4. The object's electric eye is too far from the standard end

    Increase the out-of-standard speed
    2. Decrease bid speed
    3. Adjust the length of the pre-mark out length
    4. Move the test object's electric eye back
  • Why do labels sometimes appear continuously?
    A:Generally, the position of the tag's electric eye is incorrect, the tag's electric eye is faulty, or dust blocks the electric eye. Please adjust the position of the tag's electric eye or clean the electric eye.
  • What if the date and batch number are not printed clearly?
    A:The machine vision inspection system can be used to detect the printed content (date, batch number), and reject products that are not printed clearly.
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